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lil friends child care

Drop-off and pickup times

Never leave your child unattended. Always accompany them to and from their teacher.


Please remember the center is a secured building. Authorized parents and guardians listed on your written agreement should be the only ones entering the facility.


If you would like to schedule a tour for other family members / friends, please see the director. These policies are for the safety of the children who attend Lil Friends Learning Center, as well as for our staff.

Call now to arrange for your personal tour of our facilities


Essential daycare rules and policies

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and policies for parents and children at Lil Friends Learning Center. Your knowledge of our operations will help make things easier and less confusing for both you and your child.

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Termination policy

Lil Friends Learning Center is family owned and operated

Failure to comply with Lil Friends Learning Center rules may result in termination of care for your child or children.

Guidelines for sick children

If your child has a fever, diarrhea, or is vomiting, please keep him or her home.


Under certain conditions, Lil Friends Learning Center will send a child home.

Medication safety rules

Medication for your child may only be administered with your written consent or the consent of a guardian. Medications brought to the facility must be kept in the original container with the original label, and will be stored on-site in a locked container that is inaccessible to children.


Medication requiring refrigeration must be placed in another nonabsorbent locked container and labeled “medications.”


Never leave medication in backpacks or diaper bags. Please be sure it is given to staff upon arrival at the center.

Child behavior guidelines

At Lil Friends Learning Center, we discipline your child along set guidelines that may incorporate a range of responses.

Reporting child abuse or neglect

On or before their first day at our center, all staff members and volunteers are required to read and sign a statement that defines child abuse / neglect and the state's reporting requirements.


Any staff member who feels a child attending the center may have been abused or neglected is required by law to immediately report this to the director, who will inform the Department of Social Services or a law enforcement agency.


Suspected child abuse or neglect by any staff member will result in suspension until an investigation is complete and the staff member is cleared to return to work.

Fire and tornado drills

Fire drills will be held at least 4 times per year and tornado drills at least once per year.


Lil Friends Learning Center has special procedures set up to deal with such emergencies. The center will provide visual and written fire evacuation plans.

  • If a child has a temperature of 100 degrees F

  • If a child is vomiting

  • If a child appears sick or has symptoms that may be contagious

Sick children will be separated from the other children until parents arrive.

A child sent home due to a fever may return the next day only if his or her temperature is normal without the aid of aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen.


As a professional child care facility, we are required to report any contagious disease to the Department of Health.

  • Positive guidance

  • Redirection

  • Limit setting

We do not condone peer pressure, humiliation, or frightening forms of punishment.


If your child is experiencing repeated behavioral difficulty, your child’s teacher or the director will notify you and will work closely with you to see if the problem can be resolved.


As a last resort, we reserve the right to ask you to remove your child from the center with a 2-week notice. However, if your child is a threat to another child or a teacher, they must be removed immediately.

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